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The British Boy Scouts and British Girl Scouts Association is a Traditional Scouting association in the UK founded in 1909 by Major Whitby.

The BBS and BGS wear the traditional uniform and follow the traditional badge programme as set out in Scouting for Boys.

The British Boy Scouts (BBS) and British Girl Scouts (BGS) Association (BBS and BGS for short) is also called the Brotherhood of British Scouts. The Association is often called just the BBS for convenience' sake. The BBS is a member of the Order of World Scouts (OWS) and independent from The Scout Association.

OWS Get Together 2017 - Poland, on 03 September, 2017
Wolf Cub Sleep-over and BBS get together, on 31 December, 2016
Senior Scout Jack Gains the Grand Scout Master Crown Award, on 19 June, 2016
St. George's Day Parade & Visit 2016 - Sherborne, Gloucestershire, on 22 May, 2016
Visit to The Houses of Parliament: Civics Badge, on 12 September, 2015
BBS (South) Annual St. George's Day Parade 2015, on 21 June, 2015
Brand New Traditional Scout Hats For Sale, on 04 May, 2014
St. George's Day Parade And Weekend Camp 2014, on 04 May, 2014